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  • Christmas in Japan 2014

    Christmas in Japan 2014

    At first glance, the Christmas trees and illuminations might look familiar, but a few holiday traditions are undoubtably unique to Japan. Here are a few examples from social media.

  • 'Kawaii' gets a landmark

    'Kawaii' gets a landmark

    by Mike Sunda

    While Japanese cool hunters might lament the lack of pop cultural exports in recent years — all the more conspicuous when compared to K-Pop’s successful forays westward — kawaii (cute) culture has quietly permeated ...

  • Top domestic news of 2014

    Top domestic news of 2014

    The Japan Times editors selected these domestic stories as the most important of 2014. 1. Collective self-defense: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Cabinet adopts a resolution reinterpreting the Constitution as permitting the nation to act ...



Testing students' ability to think

An education ministry council could be presenting an over-idealized picture of its proposed reforms of Japan's university entrance exams, often criticized for placing too much emphasis on rote learning.


Japan's space goals

Asteroid Explorer Hayabusa2, launched by Japan Space Exploration Agency on Dec. 5, is flying without a hitch so far. Regardless of whether this mission is successful, Japan needs to continue advancing its space exploration capabilities.